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Guest posts (Religion)

Guest’s entries on topics related to the history of ancient Rome and antiquity. If you would also like to share your work with others I encourage you to send a text.

Ancient Roman burial practices

Roman funerals were some of the most intricate and fascinating in the ancient world. Like most other cultures, the Romans created these practices to honor the dead and provide closure.

Early Christian tomb from Roman times discovered in Serbia

Panic fear

The mythological god Pan (Latin Faun) was supposed to cause sudden panic, unfounded fear and terror among people and animals with his shout. This panic (θορύβου Πανικοῦ) and confusion could lead to a castling of military units that, under the influence of fear, could misinterpret the enemy’s movements.


Floralia – spring craziness…

The feast in honour of Flora (Floralia), although it had a joyful atmosphere, it was rather dissolute, plebeian in nature. Why was this holiday so special? Was it controversial at the time?

Caracalla during the show

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