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18th birthday of IMPERIUM ROMANUM!

I am pleased to announce that the website IMPERIUM ROMANUM is celebrating its eighteenth birthday today! When I started the first work on the website in 2004, I did not expect that I would be able to create such a huge compendium of knowledge about ancient Rome.

18th birthday of IMPERIUM ROMANUM


If you like the content that I collect on the website and that I share through social media channels, I will be grateful for buying me a coffee through In this way, everyone (without the need to register) can easily and quickly support my work. I will be very grateful for any help and motivation for further work!


Porta Maggiore in Rome was closed

After several stones fell off Porta Maggiore in Rome on June 14, the authorities decided to temporarily close the pedestrian crossing. The first expert assessment suggests that the building is in good condition.

Porta Maggiore in Rome was closed

The game about the Roman kingdom created out of passion

The first gameplay of the game set in the world of ancient Rome, precisely in royal Rome shrouded in mystery, has appeared on the Internet. The game is created by a Polish enthusiast. As the game’s author, Stanisław Juszczyk, informs: “One day, with the help of friends, I founded United Studio 2020, which creates games and programs. Last year, the idea of creating a computer game telling the story of the Roman Kingdom came up. Excited, I decided to get to work immediately. The result of my work is that the game will be released on the 3rd of June this year”.

The game about the Roman kingdom created out of passion

Colosseum will have new arena in 2023

The Italian government finally approved plans to create a remote-controlled, foldable deck at the Colosseum. The project was prepared by Milan Ingegneria. The new area will be located inside the building; interestingly, the original surface was removed in the 19th century to reveal underground structures.

Colosseum will have new arena in 2023

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