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Review: Myths, Monsters and Mayhem in Ancient Greece

James Davies

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Myths, Monsters and Mayhem in Ancient Greece

The book “Myths, Monsters and Mayhem in Ancient Greece” by James Davies is a story about Greek myths, in the form of a comic book, which is dedicated primarily to the younger audience. Vivid colors and beautiful illustrations encourage you to familiarize yourself with the position. The publisher of the publication is the Kropka publishing house.

Taking the book in hand, we are immediately sure that the publishing house has risen to the occasion and has tried to publish a visually beautiful publication. This is primarily intended to encourage younger readers, who will be able to get acquainted with Greek mythology in a pleasant way. Very expressive illustrations and an interesting composition of the story allow us to accompany the heroes of the story with pleasure, in the mythical world of monsters, heroes and gods.

The book is divided into 15 chapters, including we will learn myths such as: the birth of the world and chaos; pandora’s box; Theseus’ expedition into the labyrinth; Orpheus and Eurydice; or the 12 Labors of Heracles. The author of the publication also describes what Greek myths are, introduces us to the pantheon of Greek gods and outlines the mythical map of mythical Greece.

I can say with pure satisfaction that the book is definitely a very good idea for anyone who is passionate about comics and the world of myths, and above all for children who we want to encourage to learn about mythology. The book has 60 pages in A4 format, and reading it is absolutely not long or boring. I highly recommend the position!

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