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Cultural transformation: Influence of Greek sculpture on art of ancient Rome

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Ancient Greek sculpture
Ancient Greek sculpture

Greek influence had a huge impact on Roman culture. In one interesting example, we can see this in the field of art.

In ancient Greece, it was customary to place statues of naked athletes in public places, such as gymnasiums or stadiums. The Greeks considered the human body to be a perfect work of art, which was clearly visible in their sculpture. However, while Rome adopted many customs and ideas from the Greeks, there was a cultural difference.

The Romans, although they adopted many elements of Greek culture, were more conservative in their public expression of nudity. When they began to adopt sculpture customs, they often covered the figures or added subtle decorations to them. This approach reflected their more practical and prudish approach to art.

Therefore, although Rome was influenced by Greek art, some modifications and adaptations occurred over time, which influenced the unique character of the Roman approach to art and culture, while retaining some of its own characteristics.

Author: Igor Orłowski (translated from Polish: Jakub Jasiński)

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