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Pan with goat

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Lord with a goat
Pan with goat

The figurine of Pan during a sexual intercourse with a goat, from around 79 CE. It was found in Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum, which possibly belonged to the father-in-law of Julius Caesar, Lucius Calpurnius Piso. Pan was a Greek god, taking care of forests and fields, guarding pastors and their flocks. In the Roman pantheon he was identified with Faun or with the god of forests Silvanus.

Pan was known for his erotic powers and was often shown with an phallus. Pan showed his voracity and was often presented with Priapus in an erection state. Diogenes of Synopa mentioned a myth in which the Pan learned from his father, Hermes masturbation, and then he passed the knowledge to the shepherds. It was believed that the Lord most often seduced his own charms with virgins and shy shepherds, but his most successful love was the orgies with the Meneid sisters. He satisfied them all at once, what was often presented in art, showing a whole herd of men having sex with their sisters.

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