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“Plebs” – comedy series set in times of ancient Rome

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"Plebs | Photo: IMDB

“Plebs” is the only comedy series set in the times of ancient Rome. It shows the everyday life of ordinary people in a funny way.

The series was created in 2013 and has 5 seasons and a cinema film, which is the end of the entire series. Due to the fact that it was played in one of the small Polish stations, it did not gain a large number of fans in Poland. Abroad, however, it is different and is a big hit. It tells about the adventures of 3 friends:

  • Marcus (a total slob, a frugal person who gets into trouble because of her abnormal behavior),
  • Stylax (low intelligence sex addict),
  • Grumio (saucy, lazy, slave)

The plot is simple and pleasant: the heroes try to survive another ordinary day in Rome. Like us, they have problems with rent, work and illness. Some of them experience love and romances with different endings. The comedy was brilliantly transferred to ancient times. Saturnalia, chariot races, and gladiator fights take place here, we will learn funny for us, but now extinct competitions and many other curiosities.

At the end of 2022, the movie “Plebs: Soldiers of Rome” was released, which is a summary of the entire series and as the title suggests, the main characters join the army by mistake to serve Rome. The thread is entirely focused on service in the legion and everyday tasks, e.g. combat training, marching, etc. The entire series and movie can be watched on several streaming services with subtitles or a Polish voice-over.

Author: Adrian Jesionowski (translated from Polish: Jakub Jasiński)

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