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Pompey was organizing great games

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Gnaeus Pompey the Great
Gnaeus Pompey the Great

Gnaeus Pompey was famous for hosting on a huge scale games with wild animals. When he became a consul, he took care of the construction of the theater, where he exhibited mimic, music and wild music contests, including elephants. According to Plutarch, 500 lions were also supposed to die there. If it’s about bloody animal shows, the bears were fighting buffalo, buffalo with elephants, rhinoceros elephants.

Do not even try to imagine how monstrous it must have been. In addition, local rich people and nobles liked to entertain themselves in pretended hunts, when, among other things, sitting in cages they shot a bow to raging animals. One of these fights led by a man named Munatus – are presented on a mosaic found in Tunisia.

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