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Preserved lorica segmentata

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Lorica segmentata preserved
Preserved lorica segmentata

Extremely rare and well-preserved remains of the armour of Roman legionaries – lorica segmentata with the reconstructed fragment. The object dates to the 1st – 2nd century CE (probably 122-138 CE) and it is located in a museum in the Roman town Corbridge.

The artefact was discovered in 1964 in the administrative part of the Roman fort Coria, near the modern city of Corbridge (northern England). The metal pieces of armour (six lower and six upper elements) were in a wooden crate covered with iron and covered with leather. Thanks to this finding, the scientists finally found out how lorica segmentata was assembled and tied.

The treasure is referred to as the “Corbridge hoard”. In addition to the aforementioned armour elements, the chest contained arrowheads (still tied with string), artillery screws; a sword scabbard, various tools, carpentry items, and a small wooden bucket or mug. There were also remains of feathers (probably from pillows or plumes of helmets), wax tablets and fragments of papyrus.

The crate and the organic elements inside have been preserved in good condition due to mineralization caused by rusting of metal elements.

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