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Roman soldier’s bone with arrowhead

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Roman soldier's bone with arrowhead
Roman soldier's bone with arrowhead

In the territory of present-day Serbia (Roman province Moesia Superior), in the ancient Viminacium, a tomb of a Roman soldier was found, who served in the army in the 4th century CE.

The researchers conducted bone examinations and estimated that the man died between 24 and 28 years of age. There were objects related to his service (including belts) next to the skeleton. As it turns out, the skeleton has traces of clashes, which probably ended in death for the man. There are visible damage to the skull, pelvis and an arrowhead stuck in one of the bones. The photo probably shows the back of the right femur. The young soldier was probably shot in the lower right buttock, perhaps while trying to escape.

Historians suspect that the man could have fought in the middle of the 4th century CE in the army of Emperor Constantius II against the Sarmatians.


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