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Story about Roman ghosts

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Roman spirits
Roman spirits

The most famous story about the ghosts in which the ancient Romans appear. It relates to the event of February 1953 in the city of York, England. That day, the plumber Harry Martingale installed new central heating in the basement of Treasuerer’s House, when he unexpectedly heard the sound of a horn that came from a long distance.

It seemed strange to him that being deep in the cellars he could hear sounds from the surface. He claimed that it was strange, but the sounds probably came from the road and he focused on further work. Still, he could hear the sound of the horn, which gradually seemed to come closer and closer. Suddenly, a short Roman legionary came out of the wall holding a tube in his hands, and a rider on horseback left behind. Both figures cross the width of the room and disappeared into the other wall.

A terrified man fell from the ladder. Unexpectedly, a column of 20 Roman soldiers with a dark complexion came out of the wall suggesting ford and peasants who during the march looked at the ground and seemed depressed. They were dressed in green tunics and armed with short swords, spears and helmets. Interestingly, you could not see the legs of the figures from the knees down. It may seem that ghosts marched on the old Roman road under the floor. When the last soldiers disappeared in the wall, the plumber threw down the tools and escaped, terrified. As it turns out, other people had similar encounters with ghosts. Until now, the cellars of the building are not accessible to the public.


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