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Etruscan tomb has been found

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An Etruscan tomb has been found
Etruscan tomb has been found

In 2015, in Umbria, Italy, an Etruscan tomb with sarcophagi inside, dated to the end of the 4th century BCE, was discovered. The discovery was made by a local farmer near the small town of Città della Pieve, about 40 km from Perugia.

What is important, the discovery has no signs of damage after the activities of the thieves. The discovered sarcophagus is a truly unique find that can give scientists a lot of information about ancient culture.

The rectangular chamber contains two sarcophagi, four marble urns, and many carved objects. One of the stone sarcophagi has a long inscription. So far, scientists have managed to read the word “Laris”. The word Lars was a popular Etruscan male name. Inside the coffin, a skeleton was found that belonged to a man. Researchers believe that deciphering the rest of the inscription will reveal the roots of the man’s bloodline, the names of his parents and his age at the time of death.

The second sarcophagus, covered with painted plaster, also contains an inscription. The problem, however, is that it was damaged as a result of the collapse of the ceiling of the chamber in ancient times. The coffin, weighing about three tons and more than 2 meters long, is sealed. Scientists expect to find someone else’s skeleton inside.

Next to the sarcophagi, a marble head of a beautiful young man was found, which had cracked at the height of the neck. In addition, the grave contained pottery, jars in which food for the deceased was placed for the journey afterlife, and four urns.

The sarcophagi and all the finds from the tomb were transported to the museum in Città della Pieve, where they will be explored and renovated.


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