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Roman slingshot projectile discovered

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Roman slingshot projectile discovered
Roman slingshot projectile discovered | Photo: Burnswark Project

A hiding place was found in southern Scotland, where lead slingshots for slingshots were stored. It is believed to be the largest find of its kind in Britain. The discovery was made on an excavation conducted in Burnswark, in the city of Dumfries.

The research took place on a flat mountain near the Lockerbie. For years, scientists have been trying to assess the role of Burnswark during the Roman reign. One theory is that the site may have been the first Roman clash in the invasion of Scotland in around 140 CE.

The bullets found have identical 4mm holes that are still not fully explained. Military experts have outlined one of the most likely uses for these tiny holes. During flight, the projectiles make an unusually “screeching noise” that may have been intended to intimidate an enemy.


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