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Reviews (Historical novels)

If you have any reviews or would like to share your impressions about some books, feel free to send me texts to: [email protected]

Of course, there aren’t any major demands on style and length. It is important that the text is coherent, describes your impressions and presents the evaluation of the publication.

Review: The Centurion’s Wife

Janette Oke, Davis Bunn

The book "The Centurion's Wife" by Davis Bunn and Janette Oke is a historical novel set in the 1st century CE during the reign of Emperor Tiberius (14-37 CE), after Christ was crucified and buried according to the Christian faith, and then the miracle of the resurrection took place.

Janette Oke, Davis Bunn, The Centurion's Wife

Review: Spartacus. Gladiator

Ben Kane

The book "Spartacus. Gladiator" by Ben Kane is a historical novel about the leader of the slave uprising (73-71 BCE) - Spartacus, who for two years stood up to the power of the Roman Republic and won clashes with the Roman legions.

Spartacus. Gladiator

Review: The Forgotten Legion

Ben Kane

The historical novel "The Forgotten Legion" by Ben Kane is the first of three volumes of the trilogy, the action of which takes place during the fall of the republic, in the 1st century BCE. The first thing that catches your eye when you pick up the book is its size. The over 600-page item with an extensive glossary of Latin terms is a great treat for anyone who would like to delve into the brutal world of the Romans on summer evenings.

The Forgotten Legion

Review: Falcon of Sparta

Conn Iggulden

The book "Falcon of Sparta" by Conn Iggulden is a historical novel telling the fate of Spartans and Greeks who, after enlisting in the army of Cyrus the Younger, are forced to return to their homeland through the vast lands of Persia. The plot of the book is based on the surviving work of Xenophon, the Greek historian, "Anabasis".

Falcon of Sparta, Conn Iggulden

Review: Eagles of the Empire. Volume 13. Brothers in Blood

Simon Scarrow

The book "Eagles of the Empire. Volume 13. Brothers in Blood" by Simon Scarrow is another part of the adventures of Quintus Licinius Cato and Lucius Cornelius Macro, who this time must face a serious conspiracy that may lead to the defeat of Britain by Rome.

Eagles of the Empire. Volume 13. Brothers in Blood

Review: Mark of the Lion. Trilogy

Francine Rivers

The book "Mark of the Lion" is a trilogy describing the fate of heroes living in the 1st century CE. In the first two volumes, the main characters are Hadassah, a slave convert to Christianity, and Marcus, a wealthy Roman.

Mark of the Lion. Trilogy

Review: Beasts Beyond The Wall

Robert Low

The book "Beasts Beyond The Wall" by Robert Lee is the first book in the "Brothers Of The Sands" series. The plot tells the story of two former gladiators who are sent far to the north of Britain to find a woman and a child on a mysterious mission. The action takes place during the reign of Septimius Severus. The book was published by the REBIS publishing house.

Beasts Beyond The Wall

Review: Hannibal. Enemy of Rome

Ben Kane

The book "Hannibal. Enemy of Rome" by Ben Kane is the first part of a new series, in which this time we will be transported to one of the most amazing periods in history. This time the author decided to focus on the times of the Second Punic War (218-201 BCE) and the rivalry between the hated enemies of Rome and Carthage.

Ben Kane, Hannibal. Enemy of Rome

Review: Vespasian. Rome’s Lost Son

Robert Fabbri

The book "Vespasian. Rome's Lost Son" by Robert Fabbri is the sixth volume of the novel series telling the adventures and story of Vespasian's coming to power in the Roman Empire.

Vespasian. Rome's Lost Son

Review: Silver Eagle

Ben Kane

The historical novel "Silver Eagle" by Ben Kane is the second of three volumes of the trilogy, which takes place during the fall of the republic, in the 1st century BCE. The book is a continuation of the amazing story of the heroes of the "Forgotten Legion". Friends Romulus, Brennus and Tarquin struggle to survive on Parthia's eastern frontier after being taken captive by their defeat at Carrhae; while the beautiful Fabiola must survive in the extremely dangerous and cruel Rome in the 50s of the 1st century BCE.

Silver Eagle - Ben Kane

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