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Review: 64 Secrets Still Ahead of Us

Jonathan Gray

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64 Secrets Still Ahead of Us

The book “64 Secrets Still Ahead of Us” by Jonathan Gray is a position showing, as the name suggests, exactly 64 unique secrets of the ancient world, which are to prove that modern knowledge cannot be compared to that possessed by our ancient ancestors.

The booklet – because that’s how it can be described, considering the volume (100 pages) – is a controversial work. The author in a very general way describes various kinds of discoveries and phenomena of “antiquity”. However, it is difficult to say that the position concerns only the times of antiquity (as the name suggests), if the author tells, among others, about shaking minarets in India, which were built in the 15th century, or about Indians. Moreover, some of the curiosities do not have more than one sentence and very often argue and describe the issue in a very general way. The author, among others, in curiosity 39, describes how India used to know how to treat currently incurable diseases. Details? None.

The author very often tells fictional stories: tunnels at the bottom of the oceans, built centuries ago; sound-wave-driven discs of the Indians; An Egyptian vase that weighs the same whether it is empty or full. With all these stories there is a lack of evidence and references to other literature. It would be advisable as the author, unfortunately, is not widely known, and we can read about him in only a few places on the Internet. We know that he is an experienced researcher and archaeologist who bases his knowledge and information on his travels around the world.

To sum up, I am deeply disgusted with the book. I must admit that having learned about the title, I expected a really interesting read, based on research and ancient and contemporary sources. Instead, I received a position of only 100 pages, and in practice touching on all issues superficially, without references to further content, based only on the author’s mystical beliefs. With a clear conscience, I can advise against this position.

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