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Review: Blood of Rome. Eagles of the Empire

Simon Scarrow

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Blood of Rome. Eagles of the Empire

The book “Blood of Rome. Eagles of the Empire” is the 17th part of the widely read series by the British writer Simon Scarrow. This time the author directs his Roman heroes – the soldiers of Cato and Macron – to the far east, specifically to Armenia and against Parthia. The book was published by the Książnica Publishing House.

I don’t think Simon Scarrow needs much introduction; especially those who are passionate about ancient Rome. The British author has gained worldwide fame thanks to numerous historical novels, one of which is certainly one of the most popular is the Roman series “Eagles of the Empire”. The next parts of the series tell the story of two friends and soldiers who, while on duty, visit numerous places of the Empire and take part in many events, often decisive for the future of the country. The action of the novel takes place in the middle of the 1st century CE.

This time, together with a battle-hardened veteran Macron and his companion Cato, we go to Armenia to help the overthrown king of Armenia, Radamist, regain his throne. Macron and Cato belong to the Praetorian Guard, which reports directly to General Corbulo. The new leader aims to take control of Armenia, for which Rome is in competition with Parthia.

The book has a total of about 350 pages. The author avoided the introduction, and the afterword is not particularly elaborate. In my personal opinion, the author, as a person familiar with the subject and the Roman-Parthian rivalry for Armenia in the middle of the 1st century CE, could have thought of offering the Readers scientific literature on this subject or historical sources that could satisfy their curiosity.
Regarding the edition of the book – it was released nicely, with an interesting cover and was varied with a map of the region and the command structure of the Praetorian Guard.

In conclusion, the book is distinguished by amazing action and colourful events. Faithful readers of Simon Scarrow’s books will certainly not be disappointed. Importantly, the book is a novelty on the Polish market, but the author has reached volume 21 in his story in English. So there is still a lot ahead of us!

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