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Review: Nobody Loves a Centurion

John Maddox Roberts

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Nobody Loves a Centurion

The tireless Decius of the Metellus family was forced to temporarily leave Rome due to the political success of his greatest enemy. He ends up in Gaius, still untamed by the Romans, under the command of Gaius Julius Caesar himself, for whom, despite family ties connecting them, he does not like very much.

Featured in the novel “Nobody Loves a Centurion” by John Robert Maddox, Gaul is a hostile place where both sides prepare for battle. The author very carefully introduces the reader to the complicated world that existed in these areas on the eve of the Roman conquests, which permanently changed it. Life in a military camp, erected by a Roman legion during the campaign, was not the easiest, which the main character of the book already knew, and the novices quickly found out. The comparative description of the armament and the art of war of the Romans, Gauls and Germans of the time is interesting and, in my opinion, quite exhaustive for this type of historical crime novel.

In conclusion, in the next part, describing Decius’s struggle with fate, Mr. John Maddox Roberts did not disappoint his readers again, because before starting work on this book he duly studied the subject described in it.

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Author: Antypater (translated from Polish: Jakub Jasiński)

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