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Review: Valerius. Defender of Rome

Douglas Jackson

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Valerius. Defender of Rome

The book “Valerius. Defender of Rome” is the second part of the historical novel by Douglas Jackson. The book takes us to the year 63 CE, when the victorious Valerius is transferred to Rome, where he is to deal, on the emperor’s orders, with the Christian sect and its leader, Peter.

In the first volume of Douglas Jackson’s novel, Valerius had to face the uprising of the Britons, who, after twenty years of Roman occupation, were led into battle by Queen Boudica. The main character, a military tribune, became a hero in the Roman world after he managed to defend an extremely important place in Britain – the temple of Claudius. Roman Emperor Nero, delighted with the person of Valerius, decides to entrust him with the secret task of breaking up a secret religious sect, the followers of Christ, which causes numerous social unrest and does not recognize the emperor’s divinity. The tribune has no choice but to agree to the mission and go to Rome.

In my humble opinion, Douglas once again professionally and interestingly presents us with the times of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. This time, the author does not focus on military threads (as it was in the previous part), but on the religious sphere and social conflict. Douglas Jackson tries to show us how the early Christian structures were shaped and where the hatred for this confession was born in Rome. A small amount of materials and knowledge about the relationship within the early Christian community allows the author to let his imagination run wild once again and add color to the world of Rome. Naturally, being in the capital of the Empire, we have the opportunity to explore the city with the main character.

The book is certainly worth recommending, and people who have already had contact with the previous volume will not fail to reach for further adventures of the brave tribune Valerius.

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