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Quotes of Nero

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Nero (Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus) lived in the years 37 – 68 CE. Roman emperor in the years 54 – 68 CE.

  • “There is no other way of enjoying riches and money than by riotous extravagance, declaring that only stingy and niggardly fellows kept a correct account of what they spent”
    • latin: [Divitiarum et pecuniae fructum non alium putabat quam profusionem, sordidos ac deparcos esse quibus impensarum ratio constaret, praelautos vereque magnificos qui abuterentur ac perderent]
    • source: Suetonius, Nero 30
  • “How I wish I had never learned to write!”
    • latin: [Quam vellem nescire litteras]
    • description: by signing a death sentence at the beginning of his reign, previously refusing to do it.
    • source: Suetonius, Nero 10
  • “However much it may be your advice and your wish that I should return speedily, yet you ought rather to counsel me and to hope that I may return worthy of Nero”
    • latin: [Quamvis nunc tuum consilium sit et votum celeriter reverti me, tamen suadere et optare potius debes, ut Nerone dignus revertar]
    • description: Nero’s response to the pressing pleas of one of his liberators for Nero to return from Olympia to Rome.
    • source: Suetonius, Nero 23
  • “What an artist the world loses in me”
    • latin: [Qualis artifex pereo!]
    • description: words attributed to him before he died.
    • source: Suetonius, Nero 49
  • “I am at last beginning to be housed like a human being”
    • latin: [Hactenus comprobavit, ut se diceret quasi hominem tandem habitare coepisse]
    • description: he said once he entered his new palace (Domus Aurea).
    • source: Suetonius, Nero 31
  • “Wait until I deserve them”
    • latin: [Cum meruero]
    • description: his words, when the senate passed a vote of thanks to him.
    • source: Suetonius, Nero 10

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