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Caligula in arena

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Emperor Gaius, known as Caligula
Emperor Gaius, known as Caligula

Emperor Caligula (reigned 37-41 CE) went down in history as one of the worst rulers of the Roman Empire. Many stories about him arose in the works of writers who came from senatorial circles. Among other things, Suetonius describes that Caligula himself allegedly participated in gladiator fights.

In one duel, he fought murmillo, who was equipped with a wooden sword. At one point, his rival deliberately fell to the ground to show the emperor’s dominance. Caligula, however, without much thought, pulled out a real dagger, stabbed him to death and ran around the arena triumphant.

Often, the emperor deliberately ordered that a special canvas roof (the so-called velum) should not be erected over the stands on hot days. In such heat, he ordered the spectators to watch duels, rejoicing at the suffering of the people.

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