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Fimbrian legions

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Roman legionary from the 1st century BCE
Roman legionary from the 1st century BCE | Author: Johnny Shumate

In 67 BCE Lucius Licinius Lucullus was recalled to Rome, and Pompey the Great became the commander of the Roman armies fighting in the east. Lucullus was disliked by the soldiers for being stingy and for limiting their ability to plunder. Most of all, however, he was hated by the Fimbrian legionnaires – veterans with more than 20 years of service behind them.

Finally, when they were dismissed from the army by the departing Lucullus, they gave vent to their emotions. The Fimbrians, being in the camp, put on armour and helmets, took out their swords, and then, with a shout on their lips, they left the camp. As private Roman citizens, they were no longer subject to military discipline, thanks to which Lucullus did nothing to them for their theatrical excesses. Eventually, the Fimbrians joined Pompey’s army.

Author: Mateusz Śniadach (translated from Polish: Jakub Jasiński)
  • Plutarch, Lucullus, 35.6
  • Ross Cowan, Legionista rzymski 109-58 przed Chr

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