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Rich Romans organized wonderful feasts

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Fishing on the Roman mosaic
Fishing on the Roman mosaic

Rich Romans organized extremely decadent and extravagant feasts that lasted for hours. Unable to swallow the next dishes, the slaves teased their palate with a pen so that they could then vomit the contents of the stomach. In this way they could continue to participate in the meeting.

A certain Trimalchio issued a feast where he served guests with a hundred-year-old wine. At the party, the wild boar was also brought to the table, from whose belly the living, singing thrushes flew out. Some of the delicacies served during a Roman feast are: peacock brain, flamingo languages or raw sea urchins. The Romans loved stuffed thrushes – the Roman thrush was stuffed through the throat, without gutting.

Apicius gives a recipe for the chopped udder of a pig. The Romans ate also the cerebellum and goat or sheep’s lungs.

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