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Roman forum in Zadar

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Forum Romanum in Zadar
Roman forum in Zadar

The Croatian city of Zadar (Iadera) was founded in the middle of the 1st century BCE as a colony in which Roman veterans settled. The city underwent gradual development, and its centre of social, economic and political life was in the forum in the centre of the city. It was established during the reign of the first emperor Octavian Augustus (27 BCE – 14 CE).

In the forum, we can still see the remains of Roman shops (tabernae) lined up along the north, south and east sides of the square. The forum was surrounded by colonnades and porticoes, except for the western part, where the Roman temple of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva (the so-called Capitolium) was located. The front of the building consisted of six Corinthian columns. Only the stairs, the pavement and two antique columns have survived to our times, one of which is still standing; in medieval times it served as a pillory, as evidenced by the still visible chains.

On the site of the former Roman Forum, you can take a close look at the numerous excavated remains of Roman buildings, inscriptions and others that were set on the lawns.

In the 6th century, there was a strong earthquake that destroyed many buildings around the forum. The stone from the ruined structures was then used for other construction works.

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