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Hasta (on the left)
Creative Commons Attribution license - On the same terms 3.0.

Hasta was one of the types of spears used by legionaries. It was introduced into the army during the early republic. It consisted of a 2.5 to 3.5 m long spar, usually made of young ash or walnut trees, distinguished by flexibility and strength, and of a broad, leaf-shaped point made of iron.

At the bottom, it was finished with a bronze foot that allowed the spear to be driven into the ground without damaging the wooden parts. This ending could also serve as a spare blade should the actual (combat) tip be destroyed.

In the republican legion, the hasta was used by the soldiers of the third line of manipulators, i.e. triarii and heavy cavalry. Infantry used them with one hand while riding with both hands. Hasta was also used as a javelin. For example, it was thrown from the walls as wall projectiles (pila muralia).
The spear was used until the end of the empire.

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