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Roman Cyprus

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Roman Cyprus
Roman Cyprus

The name of the island derives from the Greek word for “copper”, which makes us assume that the island was rich in deposits of this mineral.

The very beginnings of civilization (human settlement) on this small rash of the Mediterranean Sea date back to around 6,000 BCE. that is, around the founding of Jericho or Catal Huyuk.

Under Roman rule, the island was already in the 60s BCE. when he celebrated his successes in the Middle East in Pompey. The annexation to the borders of the Empire, however, took place only in 58 BCE. Initially, Cyprus became part of the Cilicia province. Then power over Cyprus fell to the governor of Egypt, and finally, around 27 BCE, Octavian made the island independent, organizing it as a senatorial province.

In addition to the abovementioned rich copper deposits, the province also supplied wine, oil and grain.

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