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Profanum and his adventures with Roman Empire

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History lovers have a certain lightness in absorbing dates, places and associating historical figures with specific events. And what about people who like to experience the “atmosphere” of the past, but the facts are not particularly important to them?

Historical basics

A certain introduction to the adventure with the world of ancient Rome can be “Rome. A Guide to Civilization” by Robert Jean-Noel. The author discusses the most important historical facts in an accessible way, and at the same time does not attack with too much detail. It shows Rome as seen through the eyes of its inhabitants at that time. The content is organized, divided into numerous sections, which for laymen can only be an incentive to further explore the matter. But before that, it is worth reaching for fiction.

Adventure with the Roman Empire in the background

How to get closer to the people of Rome while escaping from a strictly historical approach? Adventure novels set in the realities of past centuries are extremely popular. It was used by Robert Fabbri – author of the series of books:

  • Vespasian. 1st Tribune of Rome,
  • Vespasian. The Executioner of Rome,
  • Vespasian The Lost Eagle of Rome,
  • Vespasian. The false god of Rome.

The series is very popular. Some readers note that the author is not always faithful to historical facts. It should be noted, however, that Fabbri preceded the writing of the novel with insightful studies of those times and deviated from the truth in content where the history was not fully known. The author skillfully distracts the reader from everyday problems and takes him back to the era of Emperor Vespasian. The world of intrigue, secrets, love and cruelty is absorbed with the effectiveness worthy of Hollywood film productions.

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What if we could make use of the time machine?

This play was successful by Alex Scarrow. The creator of fantasy novels in “Time Riders Gates of Rome” launched the Exodus project. Mission to transfer 300 Americans from 2070 to 54 CE The purpose of destroying the Roman Empire was unsuccessful, and the Time Riders were trapped in ancient Rome. The story told by Scarrow met with very good reviews from fantasy lovers.

Hunger for knowledge

Sometimes twisted paths encourage us to reach for more and more detailed and credible descriptions of the past. The most important thing is to create the need to know. Does fiction fulfil this task? It is certainly the first step of the eponymous profane towards a friendship with history.

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