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Lucius Junius Brutus and his two sons

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Lucius Junius Brutus and his two sons
Author: Angus McBride

After the overthrow the last king of Rome in 509 BCE – Tarquinius Superbus, the first consuls were chosen by Lucius Junius Brutus, leader of the uprising against Tarquinius and Lucius Tarquinius Collatinus, who mourned after the suicidal death of his wife Lucretia, raped by son of Tarquinius Superbus.

According to the message of Titus Livius, one of the first edicts of Brutus was to order Roman citizens to swear that they would never again recognize royal authority. In order to ensure the durability of the new state of affairs, a 300-person senate was introduced, in which they sat in the highest state of equites.

During the Brutus consulate, the royal dynasty took steps to regain power in Rome. To this end, the ambassadors encouraged more important people from Roman society to support the conspiracy. As it turned out, there were two brothers of the wife of Brutus – Vitellia and two of his sons: Titus Junius Brutus and Tiberius Juniusz Brutus.

The secret plan, however, was revealed and the consul himself sentenced the conspirators to death. Through his behavior, Brutus confirmed his stoicism and respect for the Republic. Apparently, father wanted to watch the execution of his sons with his own eyes.

  • Titus Livius, Ab Urbe Condita

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