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Discoveries and news in Rome

All the latest information about discoveries from the world of ancient Romans. I encourage you to let me know about any Roman news and to indicate any corrections or inaccuracies. I try to search for material everywhere, but it is natural that not everything will be noticed by me.

Sensational discovery of the Roman library in Germany

Archaeologists discovered in Cologne (Germany) the extremely interesting foundations of the building, which – it turns out – belonged to the Roman library. It was founded about 1800 years ago, in the Roman colony – Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium.

The sensational discovery of a Roman library in Germany

Rare coin from Jewish uprising was discovered

In the ancient sewers of Jerusalem, a real treasure was found – a coin that dates back to the period of the Jewish revolt (66-73 CE). Most probably, the object was lost by one of the rebels, who fought against Romans.

A rare coin from the period of the Jewish uprising has been discovered

Roman coins were discovered in Georgia

In Georgia, scientists managed to find the Roman coins made of silver. The artifacts were minted at Caesarea and found close to each other in the Roman camp of Apsaros (now called Gonio), in in Georgia.

Roman coins were discovered in Georgia

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