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Antoninus Pius in dress typical of Arval Brethren

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Antoninus Pius in dress typical of Arval Brethren
Antoninus Pius in dress typical of Arval Brethren

Bust of the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius (ruled 138-161 CE), dressed in the traditional garb of the Arval Brethren.

The Arval Brethren (Arvales fratres) was a Roman college of the 12 priests of the goddess Dea Dia and Mars. Priests made sacrifices during the Ambarvalia festival to ensure a good harvest and high yields in the fields.

The importance of this college diminished in the republican era. Octavian Augustus, however, restored his position after taking power. In the Roman Empire, emperors and senators went to religious celebrations that took place on the borders of Rome. On the fifth mile of the Via Campanaor or Via Salaria, before offering the offering, the priests circled her three times around the field where a group of farmers and shepherds danced and She sang prayers in honour of the goddess Ceres. Moreover, milk, honey and wine were drunk.

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