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Feel like gladiator

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Feel like gladiator
Feel like gladiator | Photo: DW/F. Schlagwein

In Xanten, Germany, there is an Archaeological Park and a Museum, thanks to which we can feel like ancient Romans.

The city of Xanten is known in the world primarily for its Roman past. One hundred years BCE the ancient Romans founded here Colonia Ulpia Traiana, a city equal to the size of ancient Cologne (ancient Colonia Agrippina). Outside the city walls, there was an amphitheatre that could seat up to 10,000 spectators. In his arena, in turn, gladiator fights and cart races took place.

Xanten was equipped similarly to Colonia Agrippina: there were thermae, spacious houses with underfloor heating, and the aforementioned amphitheatre, which was able to accommodate practically all residents.

The Archaeological Park covers an area of ​​60 hectares. We can, among other things, sit on the rebuilt seats of the amphitheatre and admire the arena from the perspective of an ancient viewer. At the end of June this year, the Park was visited by about 17.5 thousand tourists who wanted to feel like the Romans. The event was held under the slogan: “Swords, bread and circuses”. The entire “Roman envelope” was created by 450 historical reenactors from 9 European countries, who acted as craftsmen, bakers, weavers, bakers and – of course – gladiators.

The place is frequently visited by school groups, also from the Netherlands. Children can, for example, play on the playground in the shape of a fort and learn how to defend themselves, or just jump on the trampoline. Adults can’t complain either – in addition to a lot of knowledge, there are many attractions waiting for them about the life of the then inhabitants.

The Archaeological Park and the Museum in Xanten are an interesting combination of modernity and history.


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