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Unbelievable Roman discovery in Poland

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Treasure of Vandals fleeing the Goths at the Museum in Hrubies├│w
Treasure of Vandals fleeing the Goths at the Museum in Hrubieszów

In the area of Hrubieszów (eastern Poland), an amazing discovery was made. An amazing treasure was found in the ground in the field – 1753 silver Roman coins (denarii), dated to the 2nd – 3rd century CE. The coins feature images of emperors from Nerva (96-98 CE) to Septimius Severus (193-211 CE).

This incredible discovery is due to Mr Mariusz Dyla, who noticed some of the coins in the field. Then he informed the local Museum of Stanisław Staszic in Hrubieszów about the discovery that took place last year. The information about the discovery was kept in secret, being in fear of having the find stolen.

The coins were scattered over several dozen meters. According to specialists, the treasure proves the important events that took place in ancient times in the Lublin region. According to the scientists, the Vandals occupying these lands fled from the Goths. For this purpose, the treasury owner carefully hid the treasure in the ground, which after years was scattered over a larger area.

As the Museum informed: “The coins will soon go into a comprehensive study, which will result in an attractive bilingual publication. It will also be a catalogue of the exhibition where we plan to tell about the turbulent history of the Hrubieszów valley at the end of the second century CE, and at the same time bring closer the colourful biographies of Roman emperors depicted on coins that are part of the treasury – from Emperor Nerva (96-98) to Septimius Severus (193-211). This is one of the greatest events in the history of our museum! ”

Preliminary calculations indicate that the coins were “a pay of a Roman legionary for six years of service” – reports the Museum.

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