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Vexillarius was one of the signiferi in the Roman legion and was specially protected during combat. He was defended with a small parma shield.

His task was to carry vexillum (pl vexilla), a military banner representing the name and emblem of the legion. The banner consisted of a fabric hanging on the crossbar of a lance or a stick. It was used both in infantry and in riding.
The legionary cavalry had banners on a horizontal pole.

Vexilla’s pennant patterns

Scorpion on the pennant

It was the emblem of the Praetorian Guard. Used to honour Emperor Tiberius for building a Praetorian Camp (castra praetoria) in Rome.

Bull on the pennant

He was strongly associated with Julius Caesar. It is therefore believed that the legions bearing the bull emblem were created by Caesar: III Gallica, IIII Macedonica, V Macedonica, VI Ferrata, VI Victrix, VII Claudia, VIII Augusta, X Fretensis, X Gemina.

Boar on the pennant

Legions: I Italica, II Adiutrix, X Fretensis, XX Valeria Victrix.

Capricorn on the pennant

Legions: II Augusta, IIII Macedonica, IIII Scythica, XIV Gemina, XXI Rapax.

Pegasus on the pennant

Legions: II August, III August.

Lion on the pennant

Legions: XIII Gemina and maybe XVI Gallica.

Elephant on the pennant


Legions: V Alaudae.

Wolf on the pennant

Wolf and the Twins
Legions: VI Ferrata.

Lightning on the pennant

Legions: XII Fulminata.

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