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Macedonian wars

(215-168 BCE)

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Macedonian wars were fought between the Roman Republic and the Macedonian state for hegemony in the Balkan Peninsula.

Background of events

The collapse of the great empire of Alexander III after his death in 323 BCE led to a clear division of the Hellenistic world into three great powers: Seleucid in Syria, Ptolemy in Egypt and Antigonid in Macedonia. Small buffer state organizations developed between these three countries, often pursuing a hostile foreign policy. The disputes that broke out between Greek cities often required them to seek outside help. Once united Hellas was completely divided.

Rome initially maintained good diplomatic relations with the Hellenistic world. The first problems appeared in 229 and 219 BCE when Rome declared war on the pirates marauding in the area of ​​Illyria and the Adriatic coast. The war allowed the Romans to expand the sphere of influence in this region, creating in a sense a Roman protectorate. This situation disturbed contacts with Macedonia, ruled by the ambitious king Philip V. Seeing the threat in the Romans, he began to look for a chance to expel the intruders from Illyria. The opportunity arose when the Second Punic War broke out.

Greek phalanx
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