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Reconstruction of temple of divine Caesar

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Reconstruction of temple of divine Caesar
Reconstruction of temple of divine Caesar

Reconstruction of the temple of divine Caesar (Templum Divi Iulii) at Forum Romanum, between the Region, the Temple of Castors and the Aemilian Basilica, where Caesar’s body was cremated and his testament read aloud by Mark Antony.

After his death, Caesar was recognized as a god by the Roman Senate. Construction began in 42 BCE on the command Octavian Augustus. The temple was dedicated on August 18, 29 BCE.

Caesar was the first Roman citizen to be elevated to gods and honoured with his own temple. His tabernacle was to be supervised by a newly appointed priest Flamen Divi Julii. It is worth adding that the temple of the divine Caesar was also dedicated to the comet that was to appear shortly after Caesar’s murder in 44 BCE It was thought to represent Caesar’s soul and symbol August’s new birth as an independent ruler and heir.

The temple was on a platform that served as the rostra which were decorated with pieces of ships defeated in the battle of Actium in 31 BCE.

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