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Fresco showing winged little boy discovered near Rome

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Joined fragments of the fresco show a little cherub
Joined fragments of the fresco show a little cherub | Photo: Edoardo Loliva / ISCR-MiBACT

In 2018, scientists discovered an interesting find in the remains of a villa and a thermal complex on the outskirts of Rome. Among the preserved murals was an image of a winged little boy on a blue background.

The discovery took place in Villa delle Terme degli Stucchi Dipinti, which covers a huge area south of Rome (near Ciampino airport). The ruins themselves were discovered in 2010, when the local authorities planned to build a new housing estate. Systematic excavations have been carried out for several years.

As it turned out, the outdoor house belonged to a wealthy family and was extremely luxurious. The building had a complex of underground tanks and pipes that supplied water to the thermal baths, kitchens and praefurnium, places where wood was burned to heat the water in the baths. There were benches in the baths (biclinia), floor mosaics, mosaics made of coloured plaster, and frescoes. Probably there was also a fountain in a small garden on the premises of the building.

Researchers have found that the villa has been in use since archaic times (around the 7th century BCE), through republican and imperial times. As no sculptures or statues were found, scientists speculate that items of this type were simply stolen when the villa was abandoned during the reign of Nero (54-68 CE).

It is worth adding that under the kitchen floor, a small treasure was found, consisting of bronze coins from the reign of Emperor Tiberius (14-37 CE).

Scientists carry out painstaking work to connect fragments of the fresco as a whole.
Edoardo Loliva/ISCR-MiBACT

Scientists are now painstakingly combining pieces of plaster and stucco to discover Roman paintings.

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