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Great Roman discovery in Eastern Poland

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Great Roman discovery in Eastern Poland
Silver Roman denarii discovered near Hrubieszów | Photo: Muzeum im. ks. Stanisława Staszica w Hrubieszowie

In 2019, in the village of Cichobórz, in eastern Poland, a huge treasure from Roman times was discovered. A total of 1753 coins were discovered that date back to the 1st-2nd century CE. Coins were discovered by accident.

According to the researchers, the coins found their way to Polish lands thanks to the Vandals who were in Central Europe at that time.

The lucky finder was Mr Mariusz Dyl, who secured the found coins. He made the decision to inform about the find after about a year when he learned that most of the finders did so. Mr Mariusz donated the coins to the local museum in Hrubieszów, and then, together with a team of researchers, engaged in searching the field. As it turned out, more coins were scattered across the field, but also a larger cluster was found, from which agricultural machinery distributed the treasure.

According to the museum authorities, a total of 1,753 coins were found, which were made of silver and weigh a total of 5.5 kg. The coins show the images of successive emperors: from Nerva to Septimius Severus. Researchers believe that the Vandals probably hid the treasure for fear of the Goths attacking them.

Interestingly, the museum’s authorities appreciated the finder’s attitude and applied to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage to reward him. Under Polish law, discovered archaeological objects, including antiques, are the property of the Polish state, and their appropriation is treated as a crime.

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