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New technology has helped investigate Pompeii thermal baths

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Pompeii thermal baths
Pompeii thermal baths

New technologies in the field of photography and laser scanning allowed to better study the discovery in ancient Pompeii – the Republican Baths – probably the oldest baths found in this city.

The research project is jointly carried out by the University of Berlin, Oxford and the Pompeii authorities. The work involved a two-stage process. During the first phase, carried out in March, the site was cleared for future excavations. The second phase involved a three-week excavation work that ended a few days ago. The goal was to understand the complexity of the complex and how the technologies used by the Romans evolved over the centuries.

In addition to the excavation work, a map of the area was created using new technologies in the field of photography and laser scanners. Work is to be continued. Pompeii authorities plan to renovate the Republican Baths and make them available to visitors.

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