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Caesar, Antony, Augustus – family connections

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The fall of the Republic and the beginnings of the Roman Empire is a fascinating period in world history. Julius Caesar, Marek Antony and Octavian Augustus undoubtedly had a great impact on the fate of Rome at that time. It can be said that their actions have changed the world.

An interesting fact is that all three were related. They had a common ancestor several generations earlier. Sextus Julius Caesar was the great-great-grandfather of Julius Caesar, great-great-great-grandfather of Mark Antony and great-great-great-great-grandfather of Octavian Augustus.

Already after the death of Julius Caesar, Marek Antony, to strengthen the alliance with Octavian Augustus, married his sister Octavia the Younger. Their younger daughter Antonia the Younger was the mother of the emperor Claudius, the grandmother of the emperor Caligula, and the great-grandmother of emperor Nero. And also the sister-in-law of the emperor Tiberius. Everything remained in the family.

Author: Rafał Skrzypek
  • Gerard Walter, Cezar
  • Polish Wikipedia
  • English Wikipedia

There is one difference between English Wikipedia and a book. Namely, Walter states that Caesar’s great-grandfather was Lucius Caesar (praetor 183 from BCE). Wikipedia, on the other hand, explains that Sextus (in the graphic above) had three sons, not two: Sextus, Lucius and Gaius. And probably Walter brought together two brothers: Lucius and Gaius.

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